Our partnership with Almondsbury is now in its 11th year. Over this time, we have worked closely with the senior management team, providing successful through-the-line marketing solutions by following a consumer-first approach.

Our strategy evolves as quickly as Almondsbury's business has. 
It started as a family business that merely sold garden-ware. 
We have managed to maintain the ever-present family heritage 
that is at the heart of the brand, whilst successfully positioning Almondsbury as an outstanding ‘destination' retail experience. 
This has delivered a high level of commercial success and huge business growth. A better destination experience has resulted 
in more customers, coming more often and spending more time 
at Almondsbury, resulting in more sales.

Central to their journey from garden retailer to destination experience has been the use of digital. We developed and implemented a digital transformation program that has seamlessly:

  • Evolved and strengthened the brand proposition
  • Increased customer retention
  • Increased repeat visits
  • Expanded to new demographics
  • Increased sales footprint

In addition, we're 2 years into a 3-year game-changing strategy to refocus the seasonality of trading periods. This has involved communications aimed at changing the way consumers perceive and shop for certain products.

This year, we have driven high demand amongst new audiences during traditionally low trading periods to increase consumer momentum moving into high-season retailing.


The beauty of Almondsbury is they protect positive results from the past, and are then willing to take calculated risks through digital transformation.

Angela Wenn
Director, Creation
Our Partnership Role

Every part of our fully integrated team of experts provides 
a collectively vital role in the success of the strategy, each understanding the individual responsibility that contributes toward:

  • Annual Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Experience; online through to instore
  • Creative Execution & Technical Development
  • Event Planning
  • Collaboration with Suppliers & Partners
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Instore POS; Customer information & brochure-ware
Department Wins 2018/2019

Our creative partnership has resulted in greater consumer awareness, leading to sales boosts year-on-year, across all departments including: