AudioGum approached us with a brief to interrogate, refine and re-package the AudioGum product, ready to launch to market. With a platform that has so much to offer, it was hard to present the AudioGum story in a simple and concise manner.

Our objective was to identify the key offerings and package these in to succinct and digestible pieces of information.

Building on Their Existing Brand

Delivering their portfolio of services throughout Wales, the UK and Europe is a huge undertaking, made even more challenging when you consider that the AWTTC is made up of seven fragmented organisations.

The inconsistency and complexity involved meant that its profile and work was not being found, recognised, communicated or even understood by their various audiences. We were tasked with bringing synergy and clarity to the brand.

Taking The Brand Online

Once the brand was in a place to roll out, the next phase of the project was to design and develop a website that resonated with a number of different audiences, from Product Managers to Senior Engineers and CTOs. Following a website workshop with the client, we identified the key site objectives and outlined the required pages and content for the site.

We wanted to create a simplistic yet interactive website that hero'd design and UX. Utilising animation and iconography, we created an engaging & premium site that clearly visualised the AudioGum offering.