The All Wales Therapeutics & Toxicology Centre (AWTTC) does an amazing job. It educates and informs the public, patients, health professionals, pharmacists, local & national government, and the pharmaceutical industry on therapeutics and toxicology.

The Challenge

Delivering their portfolio of services throughout Wales, the UK and Europe is a huge undertaking, made even more challenging when you consider that the AWTTC is made up of seven fragmented organisations.

The inconsistency and complexity involved meant that its profile and work was not being found, recognised, communicated or even understood by their various audiences. We were tasked with bringing synergy and clarity to the brand.

Following an initial research & analysis stage…

We knew that AWTTC required a strong, consistent Brand and Communications Strategy was needed. Bringing the seven disparate organisations upon which we could help the AWTTC communicate, tone and language needed to be succinct and accessible. Naturally complex and vast, we wanted to flip AWTTC’s content and communications on its head.

Next came launching the new-look AWTTC

Launching this service portfolio internally and externally required a collaborative approach to ensure each organisation and website user had clarity when navigating the website, whilst understanding the content and resources available.

We worked with each organisation to ensure the content was rich in context but condensed to not overwhelm and confuse users.