We've been guardians of the Subway® brand in Bristol and West for 9 years. Being their regional partner means we can offer 360-degree support, from board level all the way to each individual franchisee store.

2016 saw our relationship grow and partner with other regions, which see's us now support London Carlton at regional board level with project/campaign management and creative support. Both the West & Carlton Subway® regions require our partnership to work in different ways, each relationship is unique and different – that's what we enjoy.

We also offer our Creative service in other regions that request the need and have supported the National marketing team with creative support when requested.

Subway® have a dedicated client services team who live and breathe Subway®, of which part of team have been with working with key stakeholders since we first onboarded the client. The industry insight knowledge & experience we've gained over those 9 years has meant we work closely and passionately with each region and are on hand to help plan and execute marketing activity year-round.

Marketing Support

With any marketing activity or campaigns, we recommend, or board members brief in, our first and foremost objective is to ensure it is 'footfall driving' activity as this is fundamental to campaign success. We strategically plan & book Royal Mail LBOBS Door Drops (Little book of big savings) for the Subway West region. Utilising our legacy regional knowledge, we target Subway guests using the key demographic profile with a location strategy.

Door Drop campaign dates are selected to target customer's when they would out and about in the high street near stores, ensuring the Door Drop for the region is complete within a week to monitor the spike in traffic once the LBOB's land through the post.

Creatively we use an eye-catching fresh designs, introducing personality into the brand visually whilst aligning to the brand guidelines. Our recent LBOBS creative was requested by 4 regions in total, which meant our creative was distributed to more than 1/3 of Subway stores in UK & Ireland.

Creative Brilliance

Our role is to protect the Subway® brand – to make sure that their brand guidelines are met in every way, every time with our Creative execution. We thrive on being given an open brief regional campaigns, once the campaign concept is agreed, we provide initial scamps of conceptual ideas to Subway's legal team to ensure our creative would be approved legally, before creating our first initial creative concept for key stakeholders to view.

Our input doesn't just end there, we ensure all outputted artwork is supplied to the relevant media-houses and most importantly we write and send franchisee & managers communications before the campaign goes live to ensure the region are aware of the upcoming campaigns to ensure buy in and success.

Creation understand the importance of franchisee & manager buy-in, which ensures a successful campaign and is why we also organise bi-annual franchisee & manager meetings to ensure all are aware of both national and regional activity being planned and rolled out.

Board Level Support

We're also proud of our involvement at board level. We attend and set up regular meetings, agendas, minutes, distribute actions, organise the various members and time line projects.

Put another way, we're an extension of the regional boards, helping various stakeholders make the most of their marketing opportunities.