We’ve been going above and beyond for Wessex Garages since 2011, delivering strategic planning, rebrading projects, marketing campaigns at group and dealership level in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport and Gloucester.

Maximising Marketing

We work closely with the SMT team to drive success and reach maximum return on investment in every way. We establish marketing objectives and campaign strategies, then create multi-faceted marketing plans to ensure a fully integrated approach.

With 7 dealership locations and 6 diverse car manufacturers, we ensure each piece of marketing activity is crafted and delivered to each audience set to drive leads into the Wessex Garages business.

Driving Results

We provide Wessex Garages with dynamic campaign creative to promote their New Reg campaigns and our experience with campaign delivery ensures we utilise the right platforms to reach each brands target audience.

Our inhouse team have a deep understanding of the FCA Regulations and we also work with the manufacturers themselves, taking responsibility for passing compliance activity for Nissan, Mazda, Kia, Hyundai, Renault and Dacia.

Creative Execution

Our strong creative offering lets us take the Wessex Garage brand and meassaging across website, social media, display advertising, email communications, press and radio. We created extensive communications and media programmes for each of the vehicle manufactuers to ensure each dealerhsip has compliance activity in their releavent cities.