It is with much pride and excitement that we celebrate our 12th Birthday this month! For any business to make continued success over that time is a big achievement and is testament to the hard work shown by the people that have worked with us.

How did we do it?

From a Press ad booking in 2006 to full digital system integrations this year, Creation has always looked to develop its expertise and inspire the brands we work with. Finding creative solutions and challenging them to be better, delivering a consumer experiences their customers demand.

The secret to our success has been a unique approach to creative collaboration, driven by a relentless passion to deliver results and business growth. Firm and trusted relationships are a must, simply put, you cannot work at Creation unless you understand how highly we rate our client relations. Developing our skills and keeping up with marketing trends ensures we keep our clients aware of where we should be heading next.

Our future…

Year 13 we will be even more exciting, watch this space for further news over the coming months. For now we will leave you with this animation that neatly captures the significance of turning 12…

By Ed Wirgman on 19/11/2018