Let's be honest for a moment - the internet can be a pretty confusing place (and we’re not talking about the endless stream of inexplicable memes)!

Jargon is everywhere and with best practice evolving on a near constant basis, keeping up to date with the latest terminology and theory can be a real struggle, especially if you’re a small business.

In times like this, you need a helping hand to guide you. Luckily then, that’s exactly why we’re here.

We’re getting things started by explaining exactly what a campaign landing page is, alongside questions like when the right time to use one is and more! Let’s get started.

So, what is a Campaign Landing Page?

The easiest way to think of a campaign landing page is as a completely standalone web page, disconnected from your main website, created specifically to make the most of a specific audience.

Your campaign landing page is where customers will ‘land’ after clicking on your email link, AdWords campaign, Facebook post or equivalent. These landing pages typically have one objective in the form of a call-to-action (“buy now!”, “book today to save 30%”, “subscribe to our newsletter”) and will feature fewer links than other websites.

There are two types of landing page which you should keep in mind. The first is a lead generation or lead capture landing page, which includes a web form as their call-to-action to capture information about potential customers. These are most often used for B2B purposes.

The other type of campaign landing page has a click-through button as its call-to-action, and will often be used for e-commerce purposes.

Should you be Using a Campaign Landing Page?

The simple answer is ‘probably, yes’. Most businesses struggle with their conversion rates when directing customers from campaigns to their website and for a simple reason: most websites have more than a single purpose.

Customers get lost, distracted or lose focus on what it was the campaign was looking to achieve. So, you’ve got two choices: either attempt to optimise your website to better convert from your various campaigns or launch dedicated campaign landing pages.

Both are valid, but the simple, focused nature of campaign landing pages make them an ideal candidate for those looking to improve their conversion rates.

What are the Ideal Use Cases for a Campaign Landing Page?

Not all campaigns are created equal, and not all are ideally suited to a dedicated campaign landing page. But what are the ideal use cases for campaign landing pages, situations where campaign landing pages are almost certain to solve your conversion rate optimisation woes?

Targeted promotions — If your promotion is aimed at some customers but not others (say, first-time customers), a campaign landing page promises an effective solution. The separate landing page avoids confusion amongst your customer base in one simple swoop.

Traffic tracking — Analytics tools are more advanced than ever, but with multiple campaigns active it remains difficult to know exactly where your traffic is originating from. With a campaign landing page for each campaign you can effortlessly track the effectiveness of your campaign, alongside its own conversion rate.

Product campaigns — Pushing a product but struggling to entice customers through your website? Campaign landing pages make for a tremendous product page. With no navigation bar to sort through and no distractions, you can dedicate an entire page to selling your product or service with no need for your customers to leave the landing page to complete their purchase.

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By Ed Wirgman on 02/11/2018