A conversation with the new Head of the Development about digital growth.

What were you doing before you joined Creation?

I’ve a bit of a history of joining companies that have hit a natural growth barrier and helped them break through it. Most recently I was with a company with Instagram meets eBay plans. But I’m predominantly from an agency background, companies similar to Creation, where I led development and consultancy teams and provided strategic direction for growth.

What attracted you to Creation and what were your first impressions of the agency?

The leadership team, simply. They were very keen to share their vision, which they believed in passionately.

What is your role at Creation?

I’m the Head of Development which means I lead the technical direction of the software teams. I design solutions, and work alongside the development teams to make them reality.

What are your key objectives for your first 6 months at Creation?

Making sure that the development teams are fully skilled to provide best of class service to our clients. In reality this means making sure we are taking advantage of modern web application development techniques, to automate quality and delivery and provide a complete learning environment.

Where do you see our growth coming from in the next 5 years?

I have spent a significant portion of the past few years migrating clients from expensive, unreliable, aged infrastructure onto lightweight microservices that can be scaled independently of maximum cost effectiveness. I see that trend continuing into ever more loosely coupled services.

What excites you most about our industry right now??

Everyday something excites me from a software point of view. Currently I design around the concept of building blocks where each service can be pulled in and extended by others. Everyone may want Slack integration today, but tomorrow? So subscribable feeds, websockets and webhooks are the way to go.

Tell us a little about yourself – what do you like doing when you’re not working??

Music, cinema and literature. Pretty standard interests column I know. I like clever use of language; if Bob Dylan has his Nobel prize, Mark E Smith and Nigel Blackwell should have had theirs years ago.

By Russel Jones on 30/11/2016