A billboard featuring the artwork we designed for Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm has been “hijacked” by a street artist as part of Upfest, Bristol’s annual graffiti festival.

Our billboard, featuring a Wizard of Oz inspired scene of Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm’s animals on the yellow brick road, has been ingeniously adapted by Denver-based artist Gamma Gallery – it now forms part of a much larger scene covering the entire surrounding wallspace. We think you’ll agree the result is incredible.

There’s a long history of outdoor advertising being adapted and repurposed by street artists – and not always to the liking of the advertiser. Mcdonalds was one brand recently to fall victim to this here in Bristol.

Go Compare even produced a clever series of billboard adverts a few years ago which were designed to look as though they had been defaced by graffiti – recognising an opportunity to exploit and play on the public’s irritation with the brand’s ubiquitous opera singer character. The campaign generated a huge buzz on social media, with people up and down the country sharing photos of the billboards, and applauding the vandals they assumed were responsible.

In the case of our Noah’s Ark billboard, the client is delighted by the attention their billboard has been getting since the makeover was unveiled – a fantastic bit of unexpected PR for our campaign. If you want to see it for yourself, head down to Coronation Road in Bedminster. It’s well worth a look.

By Leanne Buffery on 03/08/2016