"What will be the ROI on this investment?" This common and usually terrifying client conundrum often sends digital agencies into a state of panic, with buzzwords catapulted at every opportunity to reassure clients that investment is just that, an investment to hit their campaign objectives.

Here at Creation we ensure that ROI is at the heart of any campaign work we carry out. Measuring success, no matter the investment, is always top of our list and we follow best practices to ensure your marketing activity provides you with feedback on its targeted activity – whether that’s a success story for a well-groomed case study or a learning curve to better understand your audience for future marketing activity.

Firstly, understand and ensure you can track ROI from the routes to market you are utilising. Ask yourself would you respond to that advertising mechanic if you were in the key demographic you want to target? If not, step back, research and adapt the campaign strategy.

Adding a dedicated call tracking number to your marketing collateral allows you to track your generated marketing activity. This will provide you with real time statistics of your campaign with an insight into call volumes, durations and peak/off peak calling periods.

Targeting online users with a dedicated URL/Microsite ensures there is complete transparency in the number of website visits your marketing activity generates. Linking this up with your Google Analytics account will ensure a more well rounded insight into the activity you are conducting.

Finally, report, adapt and re-market. Post-campaign, you should have a clear indication from your marketing activity with what works, what didn’t and what you would you could change for future activity to ensure its (hopefully continued) success.

Scheduling a post-campaign debrief with key campaign contributors is essential to future campaign success.

Remember, the digital market is forever adapting and changing to marketing trends - be equipped to take an agile and flexible approach to your marketing strategy.

If you have any questions or queries with maintaining a transparent ROI with your marketing activity, get in touch via email or call me on 01173 211 393.

By Leanne Buffery on 12/05/2016