The Fiora DNA

In December 2019 four marketing agencies (Creation, Crab, Site Reach & Info Group), came together under one name…. Fiora 

It was always the intention that Fiora would be different from any other marketing agency in the way it builds relationships with its clients, treats its staff and has a positive impact on the communities we serve.

By the end of this short article, you will have some idea of what makes us tick, why we are different and why we are all proud of the Fiora name.

The Name

Fiora (Latin for flower), means to flourish, blossom, be overjoyed and grow. This is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to deliver beautiful growth for all our clients through the wonder of creative thought blended with digital, data and design solutions; and in a way that is fun and joyful.

The Logo

Our logo features the dots and dashes of Morse code. It looks visually striking, gives our brand an audible identity and reminds us constantly of beautiful growth in a digital form; from simple binary pulses to the complex algorithms that drive and shape the digital world in which we live in and rely on.


Most marketing agencies pitch advertising campaigns. At Fiora we present opportunities. It’s by identifying and fulfilling opportunities that we improve our clients’ marketing performance and deliver beautiful growth. It sounds simple, but it involves us completely immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses and following our Evolve programme – a tried and tested system for getting results.  

Our People

To put it simply, Fiora is made up of thinkers, makers, breakers, communicators, designers, technologists, storytellers, animators, developers and researches. We’re passionate, proud, ambitious, friendly, grafting geeks, who are extremely good at what we do and we love it! 

Our Values

Attractive We are bold and daring. 

Our creative work draws people in through the stories we tell. Beautiful creations that shine, flourish and are full of bright and vivid life, To achieve this we always strive to be better. Better than expectations, better than the competition and, most important of all, better than yesterday. We see every project as an opportunity to make a mark and help our clients grow. We continually seek out ways to make ourselves, our agency and our clients’ businesses, better. It is this that delivers ‘beautiful growth’ at every opportunity. 

Pollination – We are driven and accountable.

Fiora is an agency where people, talent and technology meet. By leveraging data, design, digital and creative we propel our business and our clients’ businesses forward… fast. Instead of shying away from a challenge, we identify the opportunities within them for the ‘beautiful growth’ they bring. We have no egos, just ambitious, hard working,  no nonsense, professionals who get the job done and deliver solutions regardless of the urgency or the trickiness of the brief. Ultimately, it’s about winning. Getting results. Taking expectations and smashing them out of the park. 

Caring  – We are thoughtful and take action. 

We’re good people, striving to make a difference by showing an unwavering passion for caring for our clients, our staff and our world. Our success comes by being transparent in our actions, true to ourselves, collaborative and respectful  We want to pass on knowledge where possible, help those less fortunate, and use our skills to improve the cities we live in and communities we care for. 

Excellence – Meritocracy and radical transparency. 

By making evidence-based decisions rather than emotional ones, there are no more grey areas. No more middle ground and ‘get by’ performance. We have great people doing great things by being straightforward, honest, supportive, challenging and collaborative. We are radically transparent, always respectful and encourage each other to reach for better and deliver ‘great’… because ‘good’ is simply not good enough. People want to work for us because Fiora is an enviable knowledge hub, that’s fun, exciting and rewarding.