Five Fast Ways To Update Your Content Marketing

We don’t need to tell you how important marketing is in the modern age. It’s what separates you from the pack, pulls in customers and makes any business a viable ongoing proposition.

The real issue is that, in a world where almost everyone is fighting for the same customers through the same platforms, it can be exceptionally difficult to market effectively.

Amongst the most popular and reliably effective types of marketing today is content marketing; creating articles and blog posts which are not only engaging to customers but push your brand to the top of Google too.

Getting your content marketing right though? Well, that’s far from simple. Bad practice is almost everywhere you look, so join us as we share five fast ways to step up your content marketing:

Know your Audience

The first step towards great content marketing is to know who your target audience is. It’ll inform everything you do, from the style you adopt to the platforms you intend to target.

By failing to start with a clear target in mind, your content runs the risk of being disjointed and likely won’t appeal to the audience you’re most keen on attracting. Needless to say, that’s not a great idea.

Lighten Up

Writing with a sense of humour can be difficult, especially if you’re writing on a sensitive or ‘dry’ topic, but there’s no doubting that a gentle sense of humour is of huge value in content marketing.

Text is everywhere on the web so that which stands out and offers its own voice is naturally more appealing to readers. It also has the added effect of making your business seem more human and less corporate.

Offer Something

When you’re about to hit publish on something, ask yourself one simple question “Are my customers doing to get something out of this?”

Your post might be entertaining or it might be informative, but the very least it should always offer something to the reader. Whether that’s advice on how to solve a problem, improve their life or simply something which raises a chuckle or two, always have a point with your content.

Go Local

It’s a big world out there and there’s no shortage of competition in it, so making your content local is a smart choice.

Simply, there are fewer competitors at the local level, so smaller businesses with less expansive budgets can fight it out on an even keel.

Begin by including local information in your blog posts and other company and update your profiles on local directories to attract local audiences.

Include Video

Video on the web has exploded over the last decade thanks, in part, to ultra-fast unlimited internet and frictionless video streaming sites. It’s led to a situation where video is increasingly dominating web users time.

By including either live or pre-recorded video in your posts – even if it isn’t your own – you can improve your SEO standing and add value for customers. Of course, making your own videos (especially how-to instructional videos) is better, if you have the time.