Our Favourite Ads of the Month – January 2020

Our favourite TV commercials released this month all have a similar theme. They are all public information films aimed at changing our behaviour and values rather than trying to persuade us to buy a particular product, service or brand.

NHS – Help Us Help You

Help us Help You is an initiative to help people stay well over the winter months without adding pressure on the NHS. This time of year GP surgeries are inundated with patients looking for advice on minor ailments causing delays in doctors seeing people with more pressing needs. This clever ad uses past cliches of calling for a doctor in an emergency situation to encourage people to see their local pharmacist as the first port of call instead of clogging up a doctor’s waiting room.


Friends of the Earth – We’ve All Been There

What we like about this ad is the way it draws you in. You know that something is going to happen, but you’re never sure what until the final reveal. Sure, it’s over the top and totally unbelievable. But it’s by exaggerating and blowing out of all proportion, what for most of us is a normal everyday occurrence, that makes the commercial engaging and memorable. It also works on an emotional level as we can all identify with the final pay-off and acknowledge, ‘Yeah, I’ve done that!’

Greenpeace – Turtle Journey

Greenpeace wanted to reach a wider audience beyond their normal support base to highlight the environmental crises impacting our oceans ahead of the UN Global Ocean Treaty talks in March. Aware of an increasing apathy towards images that the public find shocking, they looked to using animation to create an emotional connection with the audience.

And that’s where Aardman came in.

Using voice talents that include: Olivia Colman, Dame Helen Mirren, and Stranger Thing’s David Harbour, they created a story that immediately grabs your attention, creates an emotional connection and highlights the work of Greenpeace in protecting the oceans. Tissue anyone?


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