Overcoming the 5 Biggest Challenges in Marketing

Last year, the Chartered Institute of Marketing announced the five biggest challenges in Marketing were:

  • Demonstrating marketing’s value
  • Lack of fundamental marketing knowledge
  • Understanding customer behaviour
  • Making digital strategic
  • Creating growth on a budget

At Fiora, we have a great record of discovering business and marketing opportunities and fulfilling them. With that in mind, we’ll take each of the headings above in turn and explain how we can help your business overcome the 5 biggest marketing challenges.

1) Demonstrating marketing’s value

To demonstrate the value of our clients marketing activities we leverage data. By analysing our client’s existing customer database we establish who their market is and where they spend their digital media day.  

From this, we can reach their potential customers with engaging and emotive promotional content without wasting budget on trying to attract people who will never want or need their products or services. 

We analyse and monitor campaign data in real time. This allows us to discover which channels and messaging best delivers our clients’ specific pre-agreed outcomes, and the opportunity to tweak them to achieve even higher returns. 

By documenting the data and reporting the analytics we can prove to our clients that we have met their objectives, delivered a return on investment and demonstrated the value of their marketing.

2) Lack of fundamental marketing knowledge

Fiora is a band of trained marketing folk with a wide mix of marketing, design, creative and computer degrees. Many of our senior staff have worked as marketing and commercial directors so, we thoroughly understand the real challenges and know that success comes from getting the fundamentals right.

One of the fundamentals underpinning all marketing is… strategy. Unfortunately, strategy is often ignored. Instead we see companies putting out an endless stream of disconnected messaging in the hope of a quick return or experimenting with the latest marketing fad because everyone else is doing it without knowing why. 

So, imagine for a moment that you wish to build a wall. Without a plan for how to build one you would, at best, end up with a pile of bricks. Whereas, with a wall building strategy every brick is placed in such a way that it links and strengthens every other. It’s the same with marketing. A campaign should be a wall of information with the bricks representing the individual messages within it. Strategy is key to marketing success. 

At Fiora, we’re confident in our fundamental marketing knowledge and put strategy at the heart of everything we do. Our agency is built on people, skills, experience and an unwavering passion to help our clients grow. Whether we’re helping them overcome a specific challenge or supporting an existing marketing function, we develop strategies relevant to our client’s business and pick the right tactics to get the job done and deliver results.  

3) Understanding customer behaviour

Understanding customer behaviour is at the very heart of what we do. It’s a process we refer to as ‘Discovery’ and is another fundamental that underpins our marketing activity. 

Discovery immerses us in our client’s businesses. As well as identifying our clients’ aims, objectives, ethos and values; we get to understand their customers’ behaviours, likes, dislikes, motivations and their user experience at every touchpoint with the brand. 

This information ensures we target the right audience and maximise every opportunity of leading them to make a purchase whilst at the same time eradicating everything that may have a negative impact. 

4) Making digital strategic

Once we have been through the ‘Discovery’ process our team of proud geeks and wizards create the strategies required to ensure that marketing activity is successful again and again. This can include:

  • Marketing strategy – a tailored marketing roadmap of where you’re going, why and how you’re going to get there.  
  • Media strategy – using the power of research and data to give insights, we create media neutral solutions tailored to meet specific objectives and budget.  
  • Brand strategy – a strategic approach to brand development based on understanding how a brand relates to its customers and employees.
  • Campaign strategy –  what is needed to reach the right people at the right time with in-built monitoring to provide analytical feedback.
  • Creative strategy – the assets designed and created to engage and motivate across a wide range of media
  • Customer experience strategy – to provide a customer experience that is joined up and exceeds customers’ expectations.
  • Digital transformation strategy – repositioning a business by harnessing the power of digital platforms and technology to enhance processes and meet customers’ needs and expectations in today’s digital age.

5) Creating growth on a budget

The trick of creating growth on a budget is not wasting the budget on whims and experiments that have been done previously. Instead, investment should be placed in reliable marketing activity based on best practice that has been tried and tested and proven to work. 

That is not to say that a brand should not be entrepreneurial, innovative and disruptive within their marketplace. It’s our belief that it is essential for brands to push the boundaries if they wish to stand out from the crowd in an increasingly congested media arena. 

It means taking that pioneering creative flair and passion and channeling it in a way that reduces waste and communicates with the target audience in an engaging way. One that motivates and creates positive conversations in order to deliver a significant commercial advantage.

For more details on how Fiora can meet your marketing challenges, drop us a line at hello@fiora.agency

You can read the original CIM by clicking here.