Glenlivet is whisky distillery with a long and proud history. They wanted a social media campaign that would engage with existing whisky drinkers that also introduced the brand to a new, younger audience that traditionally did not drink whisky. To achieve this, they asked us to repurpose their existing corporate video.


The Brief

Glenlivet supplied us with a two minute corporate video. It told the story of Glenlivet whisky and highlighted some of the milestones and events in the company’s history.

The Brief

This included: the right to call their whisky, ‘The Glenlivet’; a recommendation by Charles Dickens; a recommendation by King George IV; the perfect geographical conditions to make whisky; the maturing process; the first licensed distillery and fighting off smugglers and excise men.

To engage with the target market, the video needed to be cut with new footage to create a series of shorter videos suitable for a social media audience. In order to create synergy across the branding, these new videos were to be based on the company’s stories and milestones and retain the style, spirit, flavour and subtle humour of the original video.


Our creative writers broke the video down into twenty separate stories and drew up draft scripts. These scripts were presented to the client and eight were chosen for video production. From the basic scripts, our video production team created new videos that reflected perfectly the branding and tone of voice of the original.



Charles Dickens

Smuggler of Smugglers

King George IV

Cannot be Rushed

A Drop of Whisky

A Whisky Created

The Glenlivet

Our Founder