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Delivering stand out brands in a crowded
recruitment market.

In 2015 we were approached by a recruitment agency called Panoramic Associates.
They had big plans about launching a new, sister brand in the technology and
recruitment space. The brief was simple; to create something innovative, unique and
unexpected that would stand out in the tough recruitment services environment.

As with all branding projects we began with extensive sector and competitor research.
We conducted in-depth interviews with clients, candidates and business stakeholders,
whilst benchmarking everything against our future competitors.

Once the insight was done we were able to start on the fun stuff...

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Conceptually, the website needed to echo iO’s dedication to digital recruitment,
yet somehow breakaway from the countless websites in the sector claiming similar
things. Our strap line, “We understand digital and technology in our world today",
offered credibility and was backed-up with a video carefully selected to represent
how technology affects the world around us. Functionality was built into the site,
specially designed to meet their business needs. Soon, the new iO brand was
launched, supported by large-scale email and LinkedIn campaigns.

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Following the success of iO the directors of
Panoramic Associates returned to us with another challenge.

Now that iO was out there, their original Panoramic Associate brand was looking
a little dated. It was time to give it – and its website – a new lease of life.

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  • Business Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Product Launch
  • B2B & B2C Advertising
  • UI Design
  • Event Management

With a target audience of more senior candidates, and addressing financial,
insurance and public sectors, the Panoramic Associates brand required a different
look and feel. We made the website more content-rich, positioning it as an
industry-leading agency with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Indeed,
along with internal copywriters we drew on the skills of ex-Financial Times writers
to give the content that extra sense of expertise.

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We were so impressed with the thinking and dedication that went into the iO launch that we couldn’t wait to see what they could do with the Panoramic brand, and once again the results exceeded our expectations.

Mark Lloyd Director & Co-founder of Panoramic
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